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Welcome to Daniel's Friends! This website gives a brief overview of how we can have spiritual life in God, as well as various topics related to that. We hope that anyone can find it useful, whether or not they already have faith in Jesus. This is a work in progress. From time to time we want to add further articles and improvements. Hopefully we won't end up being wordy or dry, and often we try to let Bible verses do the main talking.

We called this website Daniel's Friends because of some people who exhibited the kind of faith which God wants us to have. These men were called Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and they are thought to have lived roughly 2600 years ago. Their story is told in the Bible, in the part called the book of Daniel. Daniel was a man of God who knew Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. You can jump straight to the Daniel's Friends ( article to read about the story of these men and why we thought they were a good mascot for the site.

One of our most important articles talks about how to be eternally saved through Jesus, God's Son. You can reach that topic by following the link below, or navigate around the site using the menu in the top left.

We hope you enjoy reading and find the website helpful! You can distribute any of our original content for free if you like too.

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